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DVD Transfers

Over time, just like film, VHS tape can become dry and brittle. DVD players have successfully made VCRs obsolete.

By converting your VHS tapes to DVD you are preserving your memories for future generations to enjoy. Unique Video Concepts offers two easy and affordable DVD transfer options:

Option #1: Straight Burn ( $75. per DVD )

  • Condense and organize your VHS library by burning multiple VHS tapes onto one 2 hour DVD.
  • Random chapter points are inserted every 3 minutes making it easier for you to skip ahead.
  • Each DVD gets a label and case.

Option #2 Customized DVD ( $150. per DVD )

Harness the true interactive advantage of a DVD with this unprecedented level of customization.

  • Unwanted VHS footage, such as video “snow” or unwatchable footage of the floor or ceiling can be removed before being burned to DVD.
  • Easily navigate to different scenes with our customized menus. With a simple click of your remote control, you can find exactly what you want to watch.
  • DVDs are scripted using professional, musical themes, for an entertaining, emotional DVD experience. Ask to see our demo.
  • Each DVD gets a customized label and case. Scenes are listed for effortless navigation.