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Montages & Projection

What is a “Picture?”

A picture is any photograph, segment of home video, slide, invitation, object, or other item that we need to include in the video.

How do we “Shoot” pictures?

Pictures are digitized into a computer where they are cropped as necessary (borders added, sized correctly). Video segments are digitized as video clips into the computer to be integrated with the pictures.

Pictures (not including video segments) usually appear on the screen for about 4-6 seconds depending on the picture. 100 pictures comes to about 7-8 minutes in length, which breaks down to about 12-15 pix/minute.


What about music?

You may decide on music for your pictures or we can brainstorm together. Each segment of your video can have it’s own song. If you do not have a preference on music, we will use what we feel is appropriate. After you have watched the preview copy, you may choose to change a song if you do not like the one that was used.


All below rates include a one hour consultation to review pictures.

  1. Pictures- $7 per picture.
  2. Video Clips- $7.00 per clip. A video clip is a segment of a video that you have cued. If you have a two hour tape and would like to use five segments of that tape, it is billed as five clips.
  3. Additional pre-production time over the first hour will be charged $125.00 per hour. It is strongly recommended that you organize your pictures as best as possible as to avoid an extra time charge. Most extra time charges are incurred while sorting through pictures, watching hours of videotape and sitting with us as we edit. Of course every project is Unique and an estimated project price can be discussed during pre-production.